“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Sir Edmund Hillary

My Philosophy

"My philosophy is to develop robust and self-reliant cyclists who can manage their own daily 

training environment and overall performances"  

Courtney Field
Courtney Field

High Performance online cycling coach Australia. Online cycling coaching world-wide via online portal, GDCC is a company that specialises in road, track endurance and CX based cyclists. I cater for both para and able bodied cyclists who exhibit a High Performance mindset. You may be recovering from an injury or have spent some time away from the sport due to a multitude of reasons and so wish to reach your sporting goals at a later stage in life. Perhaps you have been injured or burnt out from a previous sport or wish to make a talent transfer move into the sport of cycling. Online cycle coaching services for those wishing to compete at State, National or World level in U17, U19, U23, Elite or Masters competition To ensure a smooth transition towards reaching your own goals, I manage loading of central and peripheral fatigue as well as joint and muscle structures. As the online coach, I believe that a new cyclist needs skills coaching for at least 12 months and hence the reason the online coaching is only suited for intermediate to advanced cyclists. I do not believe you can coach skills effectively via an online cycling coaching platform.

My mindset is to beat the person who you see in the mirror each day as you brush your teeth.

Given the company is a global online cycling coaching business, this means having the astute ability to ensure each cyclist develops a support network of professionals in their environment. As we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, the ability to practice active listening is paramount to understanding the specific needs of each cyclist.  Each of us do not live long enough to make all the mistakes that need to be learned to become a true master in our chosen profession. Utilising the specific skill sets of many professionals with both knowledge and experience and having the ability to make mistakes is vital in furthering the progress with each high performance athlete. I combine my extensive knowledge and experience of successfully online cycle coaching high performance cyclists over the past 24 years, along with strong theoretical base through tertiary qualifications, and the use of evidence based approaches, to make informed decisions while consulting with other professionals. 

Godfrey Slattery
Godfrey Slattery

High Performance is like climbing Mount Everest.  You cannot see the peak until the last few hundred metres.  

So focus entirely on the journey to achieve the outcome.

Beck Wiasak
Beck Wiasak    © Mark Gunter

Over the past ten years, there has been an increasing popularity in collection and measurement, analysis, evaluation and review of several metrics like power, heart rate, sleep quality, heart rate variability, cadence, speed, distance and/or duration. However, there is still a major requirement of reporting how the effort or session “felt”, for ratings of perceived exertion, plus feedback on the “feel” of the pedalling action and other factors noted by the athlete. As a result, all periodised training blocks are based around each individual, where I write the program as though you are the only cyclist on the planet. As the online coach, I track the response to the specific training stimulus and how you respond as a person to that precise stimulus. This means, in practical terms, that the 4 weekly blocks are dynamic in nature as the plan needs to be changed around a person’s life challenges and their response to the training stimulus.

The personal values that I try and live by are trust, integrity, accountability, loyalty, courage, vulnerability, responsibility and honesty.

Most professional online coaches acknowledge the phasing of goal setting, journey and the outcome. For me personally, the journey or process takes the longest amount of time and so this is where the major emphasis should be placed. I believe that cyclists perform best when they are having fun and so are happy and healthy. I see the journey like walking along a tight rope, in that on either side is injury and illness. If you can walk the tightrope and so complete the journey through using an evidence based approach and not fall off, then you will achieve your outcome or goal.

Athletes need to be strong and robust to allow them to love doing what others say cannot be done.

Just as in life, no person is the same, and so I take time to establish a relationship and ensure that some of your current bunch rides are still included in the weekly program, where they compliment the program. It is important to know why you are performing a certain session or the reason for why certain sessions are being spaced throughout the week or the month. Any explanations will be clear, concise and honest to ensure that you, the cyclist, understands the purpose of each training block. 

Jess Gallagher
Jess Gallagher

Case-managed "intervention" is the way forward for athletes juggling life, study/work and sport.  

My aim is to evolve and maintain a collaborative relationship between the cyclist and professional online cycling coach to foster a partnership. Finally, my preference is to use the Johari Window as a communication model to enhance our open-minded relationship and to allow a valid information flow of feedback between the cyclist and the online coach.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbins