“Champions behave like champions before they're champions. They have a wining standard of performance before they're winners.”

Bill Walsh

Online Cycling Coaching Services

It is vital to provide you with the tools that will allow you to achieve your goals and aspirations. As such, I do not place limits on the number of times we communicate over a day, week or month. Regular, clear and concise communication is the key to building a relationship, therefore, I do not wish to restrict or slow down your progress by placing communication limits on initial or long term partnerships. There is no different pricing plans as I want to offer each athlete the same amount of attention and services as required to help them realise their true potential.  I would prefer to treat everybody the same and offer the same levels of service to each rider. As a cycling training coach online I have the flexibility to meet the needs of the athlete, be it coaching for performance or coaching versus mentoring.  


The current cost for 2022 is:

  • $100.00 AUD / week

 Note: There is no initial “sign-up” fee.   


Below is a list of services and tools that I utilise to implement an individual program to meet your specific performance outcomes. There is no additional fees for any of the below services.


  •     Previous Training History review
  •     Understand your available time constraints on a weekly basis
  •     Review your medical history with a pre-exercise screening
  •     Listen to what goals you have set yourself for 3 months, 6 months and beyond
  •     Establish baseline testing and review your current thresholds
  •     GAP Analysis both on and off bike limitations to achieving required performances
  •     Designing an Annual Plan
  •     Individual Training Prescription based on GAP Analysis and time availability
  •     Mesocycle and Microcycle planning based around duration, power, heart rate and cadence
  •     Provide a Training Peaks, Today's Plan or INSCYD account if required

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”

Frank Ocean

Services continued...


  •     Incorporating already established weekly “training rides”
  •     Daily Data Analysis using metrics in either Training          Peaks, Today's Plan or INSCYD
  •     Prescriptive stretching program to supplement  on-bike training
  •     HRV Analysis and Daily Athlete Welfare Monitoring
  •     Functional gym strength
  •     Specific Bike strength
  •     Revise training zones - as required
  •     Video Analysis using Coaches Eye
  •     Nutrition & Hydration advice pre, during & post training/racing
  •     Specific jet lag plan when travelling to competitions
  •     Feedback and Feed-forward pre and post training/racing
  •     Communication platforms such as email, Skype,              WhatsApp, Messenger, phone, FaceTime or sms

“Train Hard. Race Easy”