“A chain breaks at it's weakest link, and so do we.  

Aim to have no weak links.”

William James

Bioracer Aero

By using the Bioracer Aero system, combined with your own bike and a wind trainer, I can improve and optimise your current bike position aerodynamically. GDCC now has the ability to use the Bioracer Aero system to determine your frontal area which allows me to create your own virtual wind tunnel.  The system does not allow me to calculate drag coefficient (CdA number), but by reducing the frontal surface area with various equipment changes then CdA can be influenced in terms of reduced drag and so allow you to ride faster.


Ways to reduce the frontal area include lowering your head, narrowing your arms by bringing arm pads closer together and/or lowering your shoulders by dropping the handlebars. There is a general trend, of lower and narrower is better; but it’s not always the case. Some positions, while in theory may be faster, however, the position may impact your ability to generate power over long periods of time.


Changing handlebars, stems and helmet properties, allows for the rider to determine the best combination for a revised frontal surface area. By measuring your frontal area, and comparing your current to newly adjusted position I can determine the amount of power you need to produce to maintain a certain race speed. The system is portable and can be used to both determine the “best position” for reducing frontal drag during the aero fitting, and as a training tool for the athlete. There is no benefit in determining the best aero position if you are not able to hold that position for the entire length of your chosen event. The ability to train in the aero position is absolute paramount to riding faster. The Bioracer Aero system is a separate service to cycle coaching services and uses a different pricing structure. 

For more information on Bioracer Aero see https://bioracermotion.com/en/bioracer-aero#frontal-area

Please contact me to determine an appropriate availability when you could book a fitting which usually takes approximately 2 to 3 hours